Manage Bounce & Complaints

Sandiapp helps you to monitor your mails sent with Amazon SES. See delivered mails, bounce & complaints. Use our API to check email address before sending your email.

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Our services

Sent better emails, do not worry about Bounce & complaints, keep your AWS SES account safe.
Sandiapp is here to help you send hight quality email campains.


Analyze all your outgoing emails, numbers per period, bounce & complaints.


Export emails in CSV, Excel, PDF, Xml to change emails status in your database


Use our API to check an email anytime you need it


Use our API to send an email with your AWS account. If there is any know risk of bounce or complaints we won't send the email.

Using AWS SES ? SandiApp is the tool you need to handle erroneous emails, reduce your bounce and complaints rates

When you use Amazon SES to send mails, you have to be able to manage your bounces and complaints. But you may have not time or ressource to build a great solution to do so. That's why we build

With Sandiapp, you can manage bounces and complaints from AWS SES, but you can also use our API to send your mails via your own amazon SES account, by this way, Sandiapp will block emails that will bounce before sending them, keeping your bounce rate slow.
But Sandiapp will also be able to track your opened mails, your links and deliver you great stats about your emails.


How many emails do you sent each month ?


Up to 10000 mails

  • 10 000 mails per month
  • Up to 3 senders
  • 1 months retention
  • Track opened mails With SandiApp logo

Free While in beta

Up to 100 000 mails

  • 100 000 mails per month
  • Up to 10 senders
  • 6 months retention
  • Track opened mails
  • Track links clicked

FreeWhile in beta

Up to 1 000 000 mails

  • 1 000 000 mails per month
  • Unlimited number of senders
  • 6 months retention
  • Track opened mails
  • Track links clicked

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  • more mails each month?
  • more data retention?
  • Anything else?

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SandiApp is a service provided by Mu Studio.
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